System Check/FakeHDD/FakeSysDef 偽パソコン診断ソフト型ウイルス(Rogue AV Malware)

System Check/FakeHDD/FakeSysDef Rogue AV Malware… 偽パソコン診断ソフト型ウイルスの備忘録。

System Check Support Center

> hxxp://[*****]

Support Center – FAQ

There is “in danger” alert in the Systems status. What is the reason?
The software analyzes your system status once you have launched the application. Meanwhile, you should check your computer more detailly through the Diagnostics option.

My computer seems OK. Why your software has detected so many errors and issues.
Our software detects problems and issues in your hard drive, RAM memory, system. Moreover, our software detects problems while they are still imperceptible for you. Such problems and issues can cause system failures and data losses in future.

What is a critical error?
An error is so serious that it may damage your operating system or hardware. It’s very important to fix detected critical errors as soon as possible.

Why I’m not able to run defragmentation option to fix my computer? Why not all detected errors are fixed?
You are running a trial (demo) version with limited functionality. You should purchase the software license to run a full-functional version.

Why I get so many alerts or balloons (regarding computer problems)?
We can’t answer your question. We are the developers of Defragmentation software (optimization and fix the problems on your hard drive disk) and there is no alerts or balloons in our software. Try to fix all detected errors.

I can’t buy the software license?
Please describe your problem in details by opening support ticket.

I didn’t purchase any defragmentation software and I don’t know what it is.
It’s possible that you have faced a fraud. Please provide us with your:
– First name
– Last name
– Last 4 digits of your credit card number
– E-mail
We’ll refund your money

    Give me my money back!
    Please provide us with your:
    – First name
    – Last name
    – Last 4 digits of your credit card number
    – E-mail
    We’ll refund your money

    The software didn’t fix anything on my computer.
    Please check if your software version is activated. Can you see “MyAccount” option in menu? If you find “MyAccount” in menu, it means that your software version is activated.

    Who you are? What you can say about your company?
    Please read “Terms & Conditions” and you will find all the required information.

    I have purchased a software license. From where I can download and install the program?
    Please download an activated version from Home page.

    How can I buy a software license?
    lease enter “Buy Now”. Provide the required information, make the purchase and the software will be automatically activated within a few seconds.


    > hxxp://[@@]&subid=01&guid=[*****]&version_name=System%20Check
    > hxxps://,DEFRAG_ADV_PREMIUM&default_sku=1&view_eds=0&check_eds=0&affiliate_id=[@@]&affiliate_sid=01&guid=[*****]&version_name=System%20Check


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